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  • A brief introduction to MRI (Medline Plus)
  • The basics of brain imaging (NIDA)
  • Introduction to MRI (
  • MRI FAQ (Dr. Damon)
  • A Primer on MRI and functional MRI (Dr. Noll)
  • Using scopira software
  • fMRI for Newbies (Dr. Culham's slides)
  • Neuroscience for kids (Dr. Chudler, University of Washington)
  • Neuroanatomy tutorial (The internet pathology lab, University of Utah)
  • Online ACLS Certification
  • Basic principles of MRI (Margaret M. King)
  • The Basics of MRI (Joseph P. Hornak)
  • What is fMRI?
  • Introduction to fMRI: U. of Oxford
  • Dr. Cohen's fMRI paper (from UCLA Brain Mapping Center )
  • Functional MRI for the Psychiatrist: Medical University of South Carolina
  • About functional MRI: Columbia University
  • Suggested reading

  • Books
  • Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: An Introduction to Methods
  • Introduction to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Principles and Techniques
  • Functional MRI (Medical Radiology) :
  • Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging of Cognition
  • Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy
  • updated Sep. 2003